The Chetco River

After 31 years of fishing trips on the Smith River, the Smith is just as special today as it was on my first trip.  The Smith River is the "Crowned Jewel" of the North Coast.  All day long you are fishing along side 300 foot Redwood Trees. The scenery is spectacular and the fishing can be just as good. This Smith River is known for it's "World Class" Steelhead fishing with fish being caught over 20 pounds every year.  As well as having the biggest Steelhead in California the Smith River also gets King Salmon over 50 pounds every year.

The Smith River


The Chetco River is a beautiful river just over the border in Oregon.  The Chetco River has a strong run of both King Salmon and Steelhead.  The Chetco River is a much easier river to fish for a beginning river fishermen. The Chetco River has a very smooth bottom and does not have near as many snags as the Smith River. With both rivers being so close we have two fantastic choices on the location of where to fish.

The Klamath River

All Fishing Trips in California and Oregon are Full Day. 

Single Fishermen..........$250

Two Fishermen.............$450

Three Fishermen.......... $600

The upper Klamath River near Hornbrook, CA is as good of fishing as it gets. From September 25 thru October 25 we will have 10 to 25 thousand King Salmon go by us on their way to the Iron Gate Hatchery. Catching 10 to 25 King Salmon per trip is a normal day on the Klamath River.  This is a great place to bring your wife and kids.  The weather is warm and there is action all trip long.